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Personalized first lines for your email outreach

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

When it comes to best opening lines for emails, you need to make a great first impression. That's why your personalized first line is so important.

According to many studies, the success of an email outreach campaign depends on the personalized first line. They can boost the reply rate up to 30%. So, what are the personalized first lines and what types of personalization can be used?

Personalized first lines for your email outreach?

What are personalized first lines?

Email outreach can be a great way to connect with potential customers or business partners. But one of the biggest challenges can be getting your email noticed in the first place. That's why best email opening lines are so important.

But, How to write email subject lines that get opened

By tailoring your personalize opening line to the specific recipient, you're far more likely to grab their attention and stand out from the sea of generic emails they receive every day. Plus, a personalized first line shows that you've taken the time to learn about them and their needs, which can help build trust and rapport right from the start. So if you're looking to make a lasting impression with your email outreach, don't underestimate the power of a personalized first line.

What types of personalization can be used for an email outreach?

Contact based personalization

In today's crowded inboxes, it can be hard to get your email noticed. One way to improve your chances of being seen is to personalize the first line of your message based on the recipient's profile.

For example, if you're reaching out to someone who has just published a blog post, you might begin by congratulating them on the article. Or if you're contacting someone who has recently achieved a professional milestone, you could mention that in your opening line. By customizing your message to fit the person you're writing to, you'll improve the chances that your email will be read and responded to.

Email Example: “I saw you mentioned that you have over 18 years of experience in the cyber security space. This is impressive and I'm glad to be reaching out to you!”

Company based personalization

The other way to make your message more effective is to personalize the first line based on the recipient's company profile. This can be something as simple as mentioning a recent news story or identifying a relevant case study... By tailoring your message to the specific needs of the recipient, you're more likely to capture their attention and encourage them to engage with your content. In an increasingly competitive landscape, personalization is a essential tool for email success.

Company based personalization has proved to be a more effective personalization technique for senior managers and directors.

Example: “I'm impressed that you're working to make sure that our world is safe and secure. I've learned that a lot of people are working hard to make sure that our world is safe, and I'm glad you're one of them.”

At Tech Sales Funnel, we believe in personalizing every email for the greatest chance of success. That's why we offer two levels of personalization in our Smart LeadsGen and All-in LeadsGen plans- contact profile and company profile. By offering both levels of personalization, we give you the best chance of success with your email outreach campaigns.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for reading and we hope this article was helpful!

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