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The State of IT Decision Makers in Nigeria

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

How many IT professionals are located in Nigeria? Where are they based? In which companies are they working?...

To answer those questions, Tech Sales Funnel has developed the below infographic in an effort to share a lot of insight about the state of IT decision makers in Nigeria. It will provide some data about the demographic / firmographic breakdown, as well as few facts related to their activities.

The State of IT decision makers in Nigeria

Nigeria is home to +180,000 individuals working in the IT sector

Nigeria is quickly becoming a hub for IT professionals. The country is home to over 180,000 individuals working in the Information Technology (IT) sector, and this number is only expected to grow in the coming years. Nigeria offers a variety of advantages for IT workers, including a large pool of talented labour, competitive wages, and a growing number of multinational companies. In addition, the Nigerian government is investing heavily in the development of the country's IT infrastructure, making it an attractive destination for IT workers. With its favourable conditions, it is no wonder that Nigeria is emerging as a leading destination for IT professionals.

More than 50% of the IT resources in Nigeria are working in small and medium business employing less than 500 employees

SMB is leading the hiring of IT resources in Nigeria. This is because SMBs are the engine of the Nigerian economy, accounting for more than 50% of GDP. SMBs are also the main drivers of innovation and productivity in Nigeria.

This doesn't mean that large companies are not active in the IT landscape. IT corporates also play an important role and many of them have a direct presence in Nigeria, such as IBM, Nokia, and Microsoft.

Nigeria counts around 100,000 IT senior managers, directors, CIOs / CTOs, and VPs

Nigeria has a large and growing number of IT senior managers, directors, CIOs / CTOs, and VPs who are involved in IT decision making. These individuals are usually the ideal client profile for IT companies. The Nigerian IT market is characterized by a rapidly growing economy and a growing middle class. This has resulted in an increase in demand for IT products and services. The Nigerian IT sector is expected to grow significantly in the next decade. Nigeria has a large population of young people who are increasingly educated and connected to the internet. This provides a huge potential market for IT products and services. The country also has a fast-growing economy and is home to many multinational companies. These factors make Nigeria an attractive market for IT companies.

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The top 5 industries hosting the highest number of IT resources in Nigeria are: IT, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Banking, and Education Administration Programs

Nigeria is home to a thriving IT industry, with a wide range of businesses making use of IT resources. Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications sectors are the largest recruiters of the IT resources, followed by the oil and gas sector. The banking sector is also a major user of IT resources, with many banks making use of online platforms to provide services to their customers. The education administration sector is another significant user of IT resources, with many schools and universities making use of online learning platforms to provide students with access to course materials. In total, these five sectors make up the majority of the country's IT resources, providing a wealth of opportunities for those seeking to work in this field.

93% of IT resources in the region are located in the 3 big cities of Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt

Nigeria is a country with a population of over 200 million people. Despite its large size, however, the vast majority of IT resources are concentrated in just three cities: Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. The concentration of IT workers in these three cities reflects the overall trend in Nigeria, where the vast majority of economic activity is concentrated in a few urban areas. However, it also presents a challenge for the Nigerian government, which is seeking to develop the country's IT sector and create jobs in other parts of the country. With most IT workers concentrated in a few cities, it will be difficult to achieve this goal without investing heavily in infrastructure and education in rural areas.

More insights!

  1. +2,500 IT resources in Nigeria have changed their jobs in the last 90 days and are looking for fresh ideas to succeed in their new roles

  2. +12,000 IT resources in Nigeria are active in social media and made a post in LinkedIn in the last 30 days

  3. 926 IT resources in Nigeria are working in companies that received funding in the last 1 year

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The State of IT Decision Makers in Nigeria

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