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E2E B2B Leads Generation Services

Providing Everything You Need

Image by AbsolutVision

1. Ideation

  • We work with you in order to define your ideal client profile (ICP) and break it up into personas

  • We brainstorm relevant messaging (at high level) that resonates with each persona

  • Jointly decide on outreach channels that are most appropriate for each persona (Emails, Calls & LinkedIn)

  • Lastly, once all of your personas are defined and their messaging / outreach channel fleshed out, we can start setting up an email infrastructure that will best suits you. This includes domain/IP warmup as well as the necessary tools for success!

2. Research

  • We gather all relevant demographic / firmographic data related to your personas including their contact details (see sample)

  • We define the available / needed level of personalization at account and contact level

  • The messaging and follow-ups will be written using one of the successfully proved frameworks (AIDA, PAS, Feature To Benefit, Before-After-Bridge...)

Image by UX Indonesia

3. A/B Testing

  • We launch the outreach campaign at a "micro" level

  • We perform A/B testing in order to identify: 1. messaging that resonates the best with each persona 2. Outreach channel that has the best success rate 3. Campaign specifics (time of outreach, personalization level...)

4. Growth

After being confident with the winning formula, we deploy the outreach effort at a larger scale. Our objective is to be able to get the best possible return and optimize the # of leads we will get at the end of the outreach funnel

Total Prospects Targeted (1).png
Image by Diane Picchiottino

5. Optimization

  • We frequently report the campaign KPIs and results including qualified leads

  • We act and optimize the campaign as per the reported KPIs and provided feedback

  • We build a list of key learnings so we can utilize those learnings in next campaigns.

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